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0 0 216005 0 273 300 144 0,2907A,WH,M97,EBF,DE2741 0.0.431.25 0.0015uF(152) 100V 0.001u1000p1nf 102/250v p5 0.001UF 0.001UF 100V 0.001UF 50V 102 1000PF 1NF 0.001UF/275V 0.001UF/50V 0.001UF-3.3UF/ 50V 0.001uF-4.7uF 63V-2000V 0.001UF50V 0.0022uF(222) 100V 0.0024UF 10% 400V 0.002UF/50V 0.0033uF(332) 100V 0.0047uF(472) 100V 0.0051uf 0.0051UF 2% 400V 0.0056uf 0.0056uF(562) 100V 0.0068uF(682) 100V 0.0082uF(822) 100V 0.01 0.012U 12N 123/400v p5 0.012UF 10% 250V 0.012UF 10% 400V 0.012uf 12nf 123/100v p5 0.012UF 12NF 123/250v p5 0.012uf 12nf 123/630v p15 0.012uF(123) 100V 0.012UF12NF 123/100VP5 0.012UH 0603 0.015UF 15NF 153/50V P5 0.015uf 15nf 153/63v p5 0.015uF(153) 100V 0.018UF 18NF 183/250v p10 0.01M50V 0.01U 0.01UF 0.01UF 1000V 0.01UF 0402 0.01UF 0603 0.01uF 10%/50V 0.01UF 100V 0.01uf 10N 103/250v p7.5 0.01uf 10nf 103/1000v p10 0.01UF 10NF 103/1000v p15 0.01uf 10nf 103/100v p5 0.01UF 10NF 103/2000v p22 0.01uf 10nf 103/250v p5 0.01uf 10nf 103/275vac p15 0.01UF 10NF 103/63v p5 0.01uF 250 MKS 4-R 0.01UF 50V 0.01UF 50V K X7R 2 0.01uF(103) 100V 0.01UF/1000V 0.01UF/275V 0.01UF/50V 0.01UF/630V 0.01UF10NF 103/100v p5 0.01UF10NF 103/300vac p15 0.01UF10NF103/275VAC P10 0.01UF10NF103/400v p10 0.01UF10NF103/630vp10 0.01uF250VDC18125% 0.01UH 5% 1210 0.01Ω ±5% 5W 盒装 0.022 0.022M50V 0.022S 50V 0.022u22nF 223/100v p5 0.022UF 0.022uf 22nf 223/100v p5 0.022uf 22nf 223/1600v p15 0.022uf 22nf 223/250v p5 0.022uf 22nf 223/250v p7 0.022uf 22nf 223/400v p15 0.022uf 22nf 223/400v p7.5 0.022UF 22NF 223/630v p10 0.022uf 22NF 223/63v p5 0.022UF X7R 0.022uF(223) 100V 0.022UF/16V(1206)5% 0.022UF/275V 0.022UF/50V 0.022UF/630V (069-034223 0.022UF100V-DH 0.022UF22NF 223/100v p5 0.022UF400V 0.022uF630VDC282410% 0.022uF630VDC28245% 0.022UFM250V120R(250V 120R) 0.027UF 10% 250V 0.027UF 2% 250V 0.027uf 27nf 273/100v p5 0.027UF250VDC18125% 0.027uF400VDC22205% 0.03-0.06 0.03278MHZ 0.032A- - 15A 0.033u 33n 333/630v p7.5 0.033UF 50V 10% X7R 0.033uf 33nf 333/100v p5 0.033UF 33NF 333/250V P10 0.033uf 33nf 333/400v p5 0.033uf 33nf 333/630v p10 0.033uf 33nf 333/630v p7 0.033uf 33nf 333/63v p5 0.033uf 33U 333/400v p10 0.033uF(333) 100V 0.033UF/275V 0.033UF/50V 0.033UF630VDC282455% 0.033UH 0.033Ω (R033) ±1% 编带 0.039UF 39N 393/63v p5 0.039uf 39nf 393/100v p5 0.039UF 39nf 393/63v p5 0.039UH 5% 1210 0.03Ω 5% 0.04 0.04-0.05 0.04-0.2 0.047u 47n 473/400v p7.5 0.047UF 100V 5% 0.047uF 1600- 650 10% 0.047uf 47nf 473/250v p5 0.047UF 47NF 473/275vac p15 0.047uf 47nf 473/400v p15 0.047uf 47nf 473/400v p5 0.047uf 47nf 473/630v p10 0.047uf 47nf 473/630v p7 0.047uf 47nf 473/63v p5 0.047UF 5% 250 V 0.047uF(473) 100V 0.047UF/16V(1206)5% 0.047UF/275V 0.047UF/50V 0.047UF250V 0.047uF250VDC222010% 0.047uF250VDC22205% 0.047UF50DVDC18125% 0.047UF50VDC12105% 0.047uF63VDC1210 5% 0.047uF63VDC12105% 0.047uF63VDC18125% 0.047UFK/275V 0.047UH/3225 0.05-0.1 0.05-0.15 0.05-0.2 0.05-0.3 0.056U 56N 563/100v p5 0.056uf 56nf 563/63v p5 0.056uF(563) 100V 0.056uF100V1812 0.056UF100V18125% 0.056uF250VDC22205% 0.056UH5% 0.05A683U9 0.05n-20kn 0.06-0.07 0.06-0.08 0.06-0.1 0.06-0.15 0.06-0.5 0.068MF/100V 0.068U 68N 683/275vac p15 0.068uf 68nf 683/100v p5 0.068uf 68nf 683/400v p10 0.068uf 68nf 683/400v p15 0.068UF 68NF 683/63V P5 0.068uF X7R 0.068uF(683) 100V 0.068UF/275V 0.068uF100VDC18125% 0.068uf68n 683/100v P5 0.07.OHM3W1%LVR-3 0.07-0.08 0.07-0.09 0.07-0.1 0.07-0.15 0.07-0.2 0.07-0.25 0.075AMP 0.075Ω 1% 0.08-0.095 0.08-0.1 0.08-0.12 0.08-0.15 0.08-0.3 0.082uF(823) 100V 0.09-0.15 0.09-0.22 0.09-0.4
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